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Just extrapolate the current trends, and this is what you get. As simple as that.

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12-18-2001 : One Year Anniversary has passed ... And I have't even noticed. That is the DAMN FLU for you, just so incredibly annoying, and distracting. Anyhow it has been a year on December 4th that this comic first graced the internet. (Graced what an overstatement.) Also I am feeling better now, and so I will try to put up the next batch of new strips by end of the year. 08-28-2001 : New Comics finally here Well it is a cliche, but real world events intervened, and so the strips only now make it to the site. Well it was some personal things which have kept me occupied, and then the struggling Keenspace servers were too flaky to get anything done, and so I waited until that stabilized. Sorry I could not make ComicCon, but the US Go Congress got rescheduled, and conflicted with ComicCon, and I could only do one of them. So now there are strips till the end of September, and I should be able to produce more by then, so I give you the 5 days a week schedule. I am back, baby. 07-03-2001 : New Comics appear on July 4th So hopefully I will manage to scan my backlog of drawn strips today, so the site can relaunch into daily mode on Independence Day. (I have about 30 of them drawn and ready, so there should be enough to last until August, and through Comic Con.) I will try to enlarge that buffer even further over the Independence Day weekend, so that when real life interferes again the strips will keep on coming irregardless of the interuptions, and hopefully it will be long enough so I can catch up before an outage happens, like this time. So come back on 4th for new stuff. 02-01-2001 : Comics now in new size (faster loads) The daily strips are now available in a smaller size, so that people with smaller screens do not have to scroll to see the whole thing, and it also improves load times greatly. For those of you with larger screens who liked the old size better you can still click on the strip and get it in the larger version. (This is mostly for people with 1600x1200 and larger screens for whom the new size might not be readable at their favorite resolution.) This change is reflected throughout the archive, and you can click on every single archived strip to get the larger version. (If you ever see a broken link anywhere please let me know, although they did work when I tested them.) 01-11-2001 : Comics Rescanned Just a short notice that the comics have been rescanned, so now they look like they are supposed to. Anyway you should be able to enjoy them better this way, and it also makes the archives have a consistent look. 01-09-2001 : New comics up.... I am still away from the scanner, but I didn't wan't to leave you all hanging any longer (I missed some dates), and so I took digital camera pics of some comics I drew recently. They aren't as good as scans, and so I will rescan them as soon as i can get access to a scanner. You might also notice that these are numbered 32 to 36. The comics 23 to 31 will run when I get to scan them when I will be rescanning 32 through 36. Anyway enjoy. 12-16-2000 : Added links to comics I read So I finally added links to all of the comics I read regularly. They are a accessible as a nav box on this page. (Eventually I will also make a separate page, with short description/review of each comic, but for now this is it. Go read them, and enjoy.) 12-14-2000 : Added some top lists buttons Well I have gone ahead, and added some top list buttons to the page, and it is now up to you to click on them to get me on those list. If you deem this thing here worthy of the time it takes to do that. (Unless you are already voting for some other comic. There is limit of one vote per IP per day on most of these things after all.) 12-10-2000 : Talking Head Launches ! The comic is now online. (Day early too.) The archives start on December 4th, so be sure to go back and read them. The page HTML coding is still crude, and a quick hack, and I will be updating and improving it continually to get something I am satisfied with. (And right now I am not. It is functional, but not really pleasing.)
Also drawing on a paper larger than the scanner will cause bits to be left out as you see. I will see if I can find a larger scanner to rescan these. I will draw the new ones small enough to fit OK. However I already draw good number, so you will be seeing this screwup throughout the first 23 images. After that it should improve. 12-08-2000 : Coming Soon This comic will be launching this Monday 12-11-2000. I will be messing with the site over the weekend, so this site might look weird at times. Ignore the weirdness, and come back on Monday for the launch, and the first comics.

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If you have flames, grippes, suggestions, questions, requests, fan art, or anything else I need to know about you can let me know at and I will see what I can do for you.

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